Testimony of Fantin Moreau (Mobilwood) on the Ulterïa project

Ulterïa Saint-Bris is a multi-faceted project, whose objective is to re-examine our habits and experiment with new ways of working, eating, meeting and training. We wish to move, theorize and transmit modes of functioning that systematically put Humans at the centre.

In concrete terms, we bring together on the same site a Montessori school, an organic sheep farm, a training centre on personal development and new management methods, a company designing and building Mobilwood stores and a community centre, a place where all these entities meet and interact with the outside world.

In our approach, circularity prevails. We are convinced that the interaction between all these elements will create strong economic, social and environmental value, and that the multiplication of these points of contact will lead to greater resilience.

We have long sought the certifications that could best support us in this project, and challenge our ambition. We discovered the Cradle to Cradle in 2017, and the approach immediately seduced us: a certification based on an “inspiring” model and not by levels, a need for constant progress without having to tick boxes, strong constraints on materials that question design offices and force them to re-question themselves, a design focused on people and their needs….

Beyond a simple certification, it is a real alternative in creation at all levels that C2C allows, both for the construction and for the internal operating modes or the design of our products.

However, we must not lie to ourselves, it is not easy every day to explain that we will not be able to put PVC in our buildings or that we must imagine what we will do with the building at the end of its life. But isn’t all the ambition there? To create this questioning, to break down preconceived ideas and to prove that it works both environmentally and economically?

We see these constraints as opportunities for growth and differentiation for our future businesses.

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