You, Asset Managers, Landlords and Trustees,

can recover up to 14% of the initial cost of your building

and become a key player in the Ecological Transition


m2 of circular buildings


projects carried out around

The benefits of myUpyclea

Let your real estate portfolio circular management
generate new revenue.

Improve the well-being of your tenants by developing cleaner indoor air quality.

Increase your appeal to community development by measuring your positive impacts on the environment, health and social issues.

Invite your stakeholders to participate in your environmental approach by using a collaborative tool.


How it works

A library of several thousand rated circular passports

Upcyclea receives more and more Circular passports to be rated from manufacturers.

Your Project Manager will be able to select your future materials amongst the ones rated to be the healthiest and the most circular currently available.

Circular buildings designed as material banks

Have your buildings built as “material banks” thanks to the inventory functions on which your service providers will rely to characterize the components of the buildings.

Circular indicators designed to measure your progress

Calculate the environmental footprint of your buildings and follow the circular transformation of your real estate portfolio with our circular indicators:

  • Carbon footprint
  • Residual economic value
  • Degree of circularity
  • Degree of non-toxicity

Used building components are now a source of income and not waste

The “Management” module of myUpcyclea allows your Resource Manager to use the data characterized in myUpcyclea (deposits, needs and transformations) to identify and manage the ecosystems that will enhance the value of your used product deposits, in the form of reuse or upcycling.


Once the ecosystem is activated, myUpcyclea will allow you to track and guarantee a circular flow for your used resources.



I was familiar with the concepts of the circular economy, but for me it was all “wind”, not concrete enough. Upcyclea brought scientific and technical expertise, and as a result it was comfortable. Without Upcyclea’s expertise, there would have been no implementation of a healthy and circular building. During this project, my vision was broadened to include resource management from the scale of the building, to the scale of the neighbourhood and then the community.

With myUpcyclea, the territory is no longer the sole manager of the spatial occupation but also the manager of the resources and flows that cross it. The communities are able to see which volumes of materials have been mobilized, processed and not optimized enough.

Jamila Bentrar

Urban renewal project manager, European Metropolitan Area of Lille, France

During my first meeting with the team in 2013, I was introduced to a new paradigm where waste does not exist, a paradigm that generates innovation. It is the possibility of reconciling development models that benefit everyone. I was then waiting for demonstrators.

Since then, more than 20 projects have been supported, all very different and 60 jobs have been created. Upcyclea has allowed us to develop a systemic vision, fundamental to developing the circular and fundamental economy in the face of climate and social challenges. Thus each project has developed in a much more important way than we had originally imagined. myUpcyclea now supports some of them.

Nathalie Cousin

Head of Mission Circular Economy, Regional Council of Brittany, France

Your projects are scalable,

as are our subscriptions!

myUpcyclea offers you a scalable approach thanks to 3 modules with unique functions in the world.

A “Passport” module to access the Upcyclea circular passport library, an “Inventory” module to identify your deposits, needs and partners, and a “Management” module to create and manage ecosystems that generate income and positive impacts on health and the environment.


An cutting-edge AI-based Technology 

Collective and Collaborative

  • Universal nomenclature and circular passport system to characterize the deposits, needs and actors of a company/territory.

Insightful and

  • Intelligent reasoning and machine learning to analyze the identified data, and deduce profitable ecosystems from it.

Profitable and Scalable

  • Resource management of a company, a building or a territory, within ecosystems that generate income and not waste.

Reliable and Secure

  • Customizable circular progress tracking reports, and availability with a monthly uptime percentage of 95%.

Circular Passport
and Nomenclature

myUpcyclea uses a circular passport format inspired by the European standard developed by BAMB. This serves as an identity card for used resources and, combined with a universal material nomenclature, allows the identified deposits to be brought closer to market needs for repaired products and secondary raw materials.

Semi-formal language
and Big data

myUpcyclea offers a specific process for characterizing materials, products and transformations based on a semi-formal description of the information. This ensures an easier vision of potential ecosystems and allows data to be better taken into account by our intelligent algorithms.


The accessibility of Google Cloud Platform servers is guaranteed with a monthly uptime percentage of 99.95%. myUpcyclea guarantees the Customer access to the platform with a monthly uptime percentage of 95%.

Deep learning

The ecosystems created in your myUpcyclea library will be used to continuously improve the recommendations and propose the most relevant ecosystems through learning neural networks and heuristic rules derived from more than 12 years of expertise in circular economics.

Software and hardware

myUpcyclea is based on software developed entirely by Upcyclea’s teams in Paris, Nantes and Tallinn (Estonia). This gives us maximum control over the software components, while remaining independent of any third party company. Upcyclea’s specialists perform all development, administration, database management and security tasks in-house.

Artificial Intelligence

We are constantly improving intelligent algorithms capable of exploiting the semi-formal descriptions entered in myUpcyclea, as well as several relevance criteria (economic profitability, carbon impact, etc.), to help myUpcyclea operators in building ecosystems. Our work also consists in combining this intelligence with the knowledge base of transformation processes, resulting from the Cradle to Cradle missions that we have been carrying out since 2007 in France.

Hosting and privacy management

Upcyclea provides data hosting, maintenance and security for its SaaS platform. Upcyclea ensures the activation of security protocols for authentication, authorizations, and cryptography; as well as standard protections against XSS and SQL code injections into forms. The data is stored on the servers of the Google Cloud Platform company, located in the European Union.
Data is encrypted when it passes through Google Cloud Platform’s internal networks, and when it is stored in database tables, temporary files and backups.
Each SQL Cloud instance includes a network firewall, network access control to database instances with permissions.

Any Questions?

Why subscribe to myUpcyclea’s Inventory module? What do you propose as a special offer?

myUpcyclea is the only tool in the world that creates, monitors and guarantees a truly circular economy applied specifically to buildings. With myUpcyclea, you become aware of the potential for circularity in your buildings and optimize this potential in order to reap financial, human and environmental benefits.


What is the circular economy applied to buildings?

Circular buildings designed according to these principles become real material banks. The choice of healthy and upcyclable components and dismountable construction processes make it possible to regenerate the building’s resources at the end of its useful life.

The management of these resources throughout the life of the building makes it possible to make it a source of income… rather than a source of waste.


What is the positive impact circular economy? (the Cradle to Cradle)

According to the Cradle to Cradle circular economy standard (C2C), humanity can have a positive and regenerative impact on the environment and health. It means
“do good” rather than “do less harm”. The C2C is based on the natural model according to which:

1. Everything is a resource

2. The energies are renewable

3. Diversity and cooperation are needed between actors

4. A systemic vision is essential


What does SaaS, Software as a Service, mean?

The software solution is used from a simple Internet browser and allows the company to be free of any installation, update or technical maintenance constraints. It also makes it possible to be used and shared by employees in a mobile situation.


What happens if I wait?

You will miss the opportunity to generate new revenues, improve the daily lives of the occupants of your real estate, act positively for the planet and be an actor of change in your company.


What results will I get?

With the Inventory module, you can generate a complete inventory of your real estate stock and obtain a circular report of your buildings, including:

– the residual value of the building

– of recycled materials

– the carbon footprint of building materials

To optimize flow management and benefit from a new source of revenue.


What are the benefits, what will I get out of it?

The benefits are numerous, in particular:

1. financial benefits from the management of end-of-life materials,

2. environmental benefits through a choice of products and materials selected via circular passports in myUpcyclea,

3. social benefits such as quality of life for occupants (air purification, pollution protection, non-toxic materials, carbon footprint management, social innovation,…) thanks to a choice of products and materials selected via circular passports in myUpcyclea.


What positive impacts will I create for my company?

You will have a positive impact on your company in all areas:

– Provide a concrete and easy-to-use solution via a powerful collaborative tool

– Improve the performance of other departments (CSR, Responsible Purchasing, Management Control,…)

– Improve the well-being of the occupants of your real estate stock

– Meet and exceed environmental requirements


How can I communicate this new paradigm in my management and company?

The Millenials are waiting for activities that create meaning and positive impacts. The tutorials in the platform describe this paradigm shift and are a training tool. The myUpcyclea team is also at your disposal to create transformation workshops for your teams.


What if I don’t have the budget for this tool?

Present the myUpcyclea solution as an investment expense since our tool generates a ROI.


Isn’t it better to wait to implement a tool like yours?

Waiting is losing the opportunity to become the innovative company of the moment and generate new revenues!


Is it difficult to set up?

No, the tool has been designed in such a way that it can be used by all types of people. Whether you are technical or not, myUpcyclea allows you to monitor all your buildings. Our online help (tutorials, chat, training…) help you throughout the implementation.


What are the features of the Inventory module?

– Automated sending of accounts payable opening (unlimited)

– Free access for all your suppliers (unlimited)

– Free access to circular passports already available on the platform

– Online training tutorials

– Online technical support via a chat (instant messaging)

– Data export in case of subscription termination

– Creation of reporting

– Document storage

– Possibility to develop APIs

– No termination fees

– 2-hour “Circular Economy” webinar (value 500€, 100 participants max)


What does your support service include?

The support service includes a direct line with a technician who is an expert in the platform and who will answer your questions about using myUpcyclea as well as your commercial questions.


Does my team have access to the platform?

Yes, via an “agent” account.


What are the conditions for termination?

You can cancel your subscription by simply sending an email to or by calling 01 84 60 48 84. Your information will be transferred to you by email and deleted from the myUpcyclea platform.


What are the next steps?

Make an appointment by contacting


Where is my data stored? How are they protected?

Your data is stored and protected on servers located in Germany.


What materials do I need to fill in to make a circular reporting?

To create a circular reporting of your real estate portfolio as complete as possible, you inform yourself (or your suppliers) the circular passports of the products necessary for the renovation or construction of your buildings in myUpcyclea.


How much time do I need to spend on myUpcyclea to get these results?

The duration of the inventory of circular passports in your real estate portfolio depends on the responsiveness of your suppliers. The creation of the deposits only takes a few minutes.



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