Circular data libraries

myUpcyclea identifies and characterizes, in a collaborative way, the data of buildings and regions.


These data are necessary to build resilient ecosystems that create value and preserve resources.


For the circular economy to be a reality it is necessary that it is based on a profitable economic model.


In the waste paradigm, the owner does not know his resources and leaves them to a waste manager to get rid of them. For the owner this is a source of costs and waste (70% in volume of French waste, for example).


In the circular paradigm, it is necessary to start from the market – and therefore from the needs – and to have reliable information to identify deposits that will meet the expected quality, through a chain of relevant processors: this is the principle of ecosystems.


As in Nature, at Upcyclea, an ecosystem relies on 3 stakeholders: those who have deposits, those who have needs and the intermediary transformers, whether for reuse or upcycling. All these actors have accounts in myUpcyclea.


We must add to this the manufacturers of products whose dismantlability, non-toxicity and circularity potential will have a major impact on the profitability of the ecosystem. To do this, we need to know them well: this is the principle of the circular passport.

Circular Data and Resource Management

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The portal

With this portal you can, free of charge and without limitation:


Product manufacturers: Get an account to declare the circular passports of your products. The quality control of the passports is done free of charge by Upcyclea. If you wish, you can ask Upcyclea to rate your passports according to 5 environmental criteria.



Developers, General contractors, Industrials and Manufacturers: Get an account to declare your needs in reuse or secondary raw materials,



Transformers: Get an account to declare your transformation capacities (removal, transport, storage, chemical or mechanical transformation, …) and the information useful for the economic and environmental assessments of the ecosystems in which you will participate.



Anyone can open a free online account to access the circular passports declared by product manufacturers.


Open an account on

The myUpcyclea SaaS

The myUpcyclea software gives you direct access to the information entered by manufacturers, transformers and needs managers. It also allows you to issue accounts for the declaration of local needs and transformations.


myUpcyclea also allows you to declare and characterize the deposits of a real estate or a region in a digital bank that will list the resources that will be managed, at the end of use, by the owner’s or municipality’s Resource Manager. 

Discover how John will exploit the information available in myUpcyclea to enhance the value of the used resources of his real estate portfolio. A new job is born: the Resource Manager.


Case Studies

La Sénioriale (Chapelle Thouarault)

Ivry confluence (Ivry)

La Passerelle (Pévèle Carembault)

Sócrates (Barcelone)

Palais du commerce (Rennes)

Ecotone (Arcueil)

L’Archipel (Nanterre)

Deloitte University (Bailly-Romainvilliers)

Prado (Marseille)

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With myUpcyclea,

optimize reuse and differentiate yourself through

healthy and circular buildings



With myUpcyclea,

make healthy, carbon-neutral

and 0-waste




With myUpcyclea,

manage a portfolio of buildings, source of added value and no waste



With myUpcyclea,

deploy circular economy and industrial ecology

in your region



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