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Manage a healthy, circular and low-carbon buildings portfolio

Before myUpcyclea, buildings were a source of costs, waste,

and a major contributor to climate change and resource scarcity.

The building sector represents:


% of the volume of waste generated annually


% of CO2 emissions (production + use)


% of total raw materials consumed

Change the Paradigm!

A building is a slow metabolism in which 75% of the components are replaced

during its life, and some of them many times.

With myUpcyclea, manage your buildings as “material banks”
that will generate revenue and positive impacts, rather than waste.

One tool to meet all your needs

myUpcyclea helps your partners to eco-design your buildings as “material banks”

By characterizing the components of your buildings with the Circular Passport functions.


By indicating the degree of demountability of installed products thanks to the inventory functions.


By synchronizing the deposits of the myUpcyclea digital bank with those of a BIM database thanks to the import functions (if a design BIM exists, with a product level LOI).

myUpcyclea helps you measure and monitor the environmental performance of your buildings

Use the circular signature calculated by myUpcyclea to specify and monitor the level of environmental performance you are looking for in your buildings for the :

  • Carbon footprint
  • Degree of non-toxicity
  • Rate of circularity and reuse
  • Economic overvalue due to the valorization of used products

myUpcyclea allows you to increase the market value of your real estate assets

Increase the market value of your buildings by adding the economic residual value calculated by the circular signature to the value of your assets:


myUpcyclea helps you optimize the reuse and upcycling of your end-of-life resources

Use myUpcyclea’s data libraries (needs, transformations) and its reuse/upcycling ecosystem creation/management features to valorize your used resources.

Thanks to the AI technologies offered, choose the best valorization ecosystems and track the correct routing of resources to ensure they do not become waste.

myUpcyclea allows you to measure and track valorization ecosystems for your used resources

Use the automatic calculation of valorization indicators to measure the waste and CO2 avoided, as well as the savings or revenues generated, for each of your ecosystems.

myUpcyclea allows you to synchronize your BIM data with its digital material bank 

Visualize the 3D model of your buildings directly in myUpcyclea, and use the associated searches to geographically locate the objects you wish to deposit or diagnose.


Enrich your BIM model data directly from myUpcyclea, in particular by associating their “passport Id” to BIM objects.


Use the import functions to automatically synchronize your BIM product database (if the LOI is at the object level) with the myUpcyclea digital material database, and thus avoid any double entry.


Case Studies

La Sénioriale (Chapelle Thouarault)

Ivry confluence (Ivry)

La Passerelle (Pévèle Carembault)

Sócrates (Barcelone)

Palais du commerce (Rennes)

Ecotone (Arcueil)

L’Archipel (Nanterre)

Deloitte University (Bailly-Romainvilliers)

Prado (Marseille)

myUpcyclea is dedicated to all actors
of Real Estate, Industry and State

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With myUpcyclea,

optimize reuse and differentiate yourself through

healthy and circular buildings



With myUpcyclea,

make healthy, carbon-neutral

and 0-waste




With myUpcyclea,

manage a portfolio of buildings, source of added value and no waste



With myUpcyclea,

deploy circular economy and industrial ecology

in your region



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