The Circular Signature

myUpcyclea allows you to automatically calculate the circular signature of your buildings and assets.


Based on the deposits in the digital bank, for one site or all your sites, the circular signature will give the CO2 footprint, the degree of non-toxicity, the rate of circularity and reuse, the share of recycled and bio-based materials, as well as the resulting overvalue of the residual economic value of the products that constitute the deposits.



Automated calculation of environmental performance


In the Design phase, you can use the circular signature to find out the overall environmental performance of your building based on the selected products, and run different simulations to select the products with the best circular performance.


The environmental performance of products depends on 5 criteria evaluated by Upcyclea and assigned to the circular passports of the products:


In the construction phase, you can use the signature to check the quality and compliance of the installed products.


In the final delivery phase, you can use the signature to guarantee the environmental performance requested by the owner.

Contribution to the climate change reduction



You can calculate the carbon footprint of your production (by site or globally), i.e. from the extraction of raw materials to the final integration of the product, including all intermediate manufacturing stages.


The information used for the calculations are those of the circular passports of the products, often resulting from the EPD data.

Preservation of health and indoor air quality



You can measure the degree of non-toxicity of your buildings based on the list of banned molecules according to Cradle to Cradle, the international standard of the circular economy. 


The degree of non-toxicity distinguishes 4 categories: 1) healthy products, 2) products with controlled and verified toxicity, 3) products with controlled toxicity not verified by a third party, and 4) products with proven or unknown toxicity.

Preservation of used resources through reuse and upcycling



You can calculate the rate of circularity and reuse of your buildings.


This indicator provides the following information that characterizes your deposits: 1) rate of circularity and reuse, 2) rate of recycled or rapidly renewable materials, 3) degree of product demountability, and 4) degree of reliability of information.

Calculate the overvalue generated by the used products in your assets



You can calculate the economic residual value of your assets when they will be reused or upcycled thanks to the circular management function of myUpcyclea.


This calculation takes into account the value of the material at the end of its useful life, and integrates the extra costs of selective dismantling as well as the savings compared to traditional waste management.


Calculate the overvalue of your building


Case Studies

Ivry confluence (Ivry)

La Passerelle (Pévèle Carembault)

Espace santé littoral (Grande Synthe)

Loft C2C (Bordeaux)

Ulterïa (Auxerre)

Sócrates (Barcelone)

Upcyclage jeans

Palais du commerce (Rennes)

Ecotone (Arcueil)

L’Archipel (Nanterre)

Deloitte University (Bailly-Romainvilliers)

Prado (Marseille)

Les nouveaux constructeurs

Pays de Mortagne


Pays de Mortagne

Pays de Pouzauges

La Sénioriale (Chapelle Thouarault)

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