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Upcyclea is accredited to evaluate products and
buildings according to the Cradle to Cradle standard


Standard Cradle to Cradle (V3)


C2C-Inspired Buildings List


C2C Certified Products List

Upcyclea is accredited by the C2CPII and the HUI.


Its accredited engineers can conduct product assessment and buildings registration according to the international circular economy standard, Cradle to Cradle.

Upcyclea’s services in Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle certification of products

Initiate the process

Contact Upcyclea to identify the steps and costs associated with the certification process, then sign the confidentiality agreements. Once the mission is validated, register with the C2CPII and pay the registration fee.


Data collection

Collect the elements necessary for the evaluation from your suppliers, using the template documents provided by Upcyclea.


Data transmission

Submit all the required documents and information to Upcyclea, which checks them and identifies any missing information.



Upcyclea evaluates the product and audits the production site(s).



The potential for improvement is communicated to you in order to develop a strategy to achieve the highest level of certification.


C2CPII audit

Upcyclea sends its assessment report to the C2CPII, which audits it and establishes the level of certification.


Issuance of the certificate

You sign the license agreement with the C2CPII, which issues you the certificate (valid for 2 years) corresponding to the level achieved.


Communication strategy

In order to get the most out of your approach, Upcyclea supports you in enhancing your communication and marketing actions.


Certificate renewal

For 2 years, continue to improve your product according to our recommendations, and access higher levels when renewing your certificate.

‘C2C-Inspired Building’ registration of buildings inspired by the Cradle to Cradle philosophy

Initiation of the process

Contact Upcyclea to identify the steps and costs associated with the “C2C-Inspired Building” registration process, then sign the confidentiality agreements. Once the mission is validated, register with the HUI (Hamburg Environmental Institute) and pay the registration fee.


Preparation of the eligibility dossier

Upcyclea produces the eligibility dossier by listing the “C2C-Inspired Elements” and the “C2C Delights” which represent respectively the material functions with positive impacts (e.g. air or water purification, “material bank” construction principle, C2C products) and the immaterial functions with positive impacts (e.g. aesthetics, luminosity, bio-waste management).


Analysis of the eligibility dossier

Upcyclea submits the dossier to the HUI, which decides on its eligibility, possibly after adjustments made by Upcyclea with the developer.


Audit by the HUI

Upcyclea supervises the construction of the building to ensure that the elements of the eligibility dossier remain valid. After delivery, the HUI, assisted by Upcyclea, audits the building to verify its compliance with the eligibility dossier.

If the audit is successful, the HUI will declare the building “C2C-Inspired”, the owner will receive a diploma and the building will be published on the website.

There is a great diversity of buildings in the world, so it is unfair to rank them against each other. Instead of ranking them, our goal is to accelerate the number of actively beneficial structures by celebrating outstanding C2C-inspired elements. This is the goal of the C2C-Inspired buildings registry and its registration process.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart,

co-inventor of Cradle to Cradle.


Case Studies

How can I control the traceability and recycling of materials in my buildings thanks to myUpcyclea?

John is a property manager at GTS. His goal is to keep this budget balanced between the maintenance of the building and waste management, which often turns out to be an unprofitable struggle.

How to build healthy, carbon neutral and zero waste buildings with myUpcyclea?

Peter is the owner of BATIWORK. For his upcoming construction project, he has to follow Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards, while staying on budget and on schedule..

Examples of Cradle to Cradle registered buildings and certified products

Espace santé littoral (Grande Synthe)

Loft C2C (Bordeaux)

Ulterïa (Auxerre)

La lainière (Roubaix)

La Sénioriale (Chapelle Thouarault)

Ivry confluence (Ivry)

La Passerelle (Pévèle Carembault)

Palais du commerce (Rennes)

Ecotone (Arcueil)

L’Archipel (Nanterre)

Deloitte University (Bailly-Romainvilliers)

Prado (Marseille)

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