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Upcyclea and its partners support you in the reuse,
and in the construction of healthy and circular buildings

Benefit from 14 years of experience in circular economy on your projects.


Upcyclea and its partners offer you circular economy services throughout the life cycle of a building: reuse, circular construction and resource management… so that your buildings are a source of income and not waste.

Skills and a tool to meet all your needs

Resources Diagnosis and preparation for Valorization

During deconstruction, our engineers and partners use myUpcyclea’s generic passports to characterize the resources resulting from the Resources diagnosis. If necessary, additional analyses are conducted (e.g. core sampling) to improve this characterization.


These characterized deposits are then automatically imported into the myUpcyclea digital database to more easily identify valorization ecosystems through reuse or upcycling.

Creation and management of ecosystems for the valorization of deconstruction waste

Our Resource Managers use the smart functions of myUpcyclea, as well as its libraries of needs and transformations, to identify reuse or upcycling ecosystems for the waste materials which has been characterized during the Resources diagnosis.


Once an ecosystem has been validated by its stakeholders, the Resource Manager monitors its progress and calculates its environmental (waste and CO2 avoided) and economic balance thanks to the automatic calculation functions of the valorization indicators proposed by myUpcyclea.

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Eco-design of a “material bank” building, healthy and circular

Our engineers establish, in consultation with the stakeholders, the positive footprint of the building (positive impacts on air, water, resources, biodiversity, …).


They install and administer myUpcyclea, and train the stakeholders in its use, until the end of the project.


They help the general contractor in the choice of demountable building systems and the selection of healthy and circular products, using myUpcyclea’s library of circular passports.


They supervise the filling in of the Materials Table which will be imported, at different key moments of the project, into the myUpcyclea digital bank to calculate the signature circulaire of the building, and in particular the percentage of reuse.


If there is a BIM design model (with LOI at an object level), they connect myUpcyclea with the BIM tool used to synchronize their databases.


They help the environmental design office to earn points and credits for BREAM, LEED or WELL, because of the use of myUpcyclea.


Earn points with myUpcyclea

Ressource Management of the Real Estate portfolio

Once delivered, the building joins the assets managed in the myUpcyclea software, to which the owner has subscribed.


This subscription allows the owner’s Resource Manager to manage and valorize the resources of his portfolio, once they have been used. This Resource Management will be a source of savings or revenue, and will allow to track and measure the environmental and economic balance of the valorization ecosystems, thanks to the functions of myUpcyclea.

Upcyclea will support the owner in his resource management activities until full autonomy is achieved, or may possibly be outsourced.


If a BIM Exploitation model exists (with a LOI at an object level), Upcyclea helps you connect myUpcyclea with the BIM tool used to synchronize the databases in operation and avoid double entry.


Case Studies

How can I control the traceability and recycling of materials in my buildings thanks to myUpcyclea?

John is a property manager at GTS. His goal is to keep this budget balanced between the maintenance of the building and waste management, which often turns out to be an unprofitable struggle.

How to build healthy, carbon neutral and zero waste buildings with myUpcyclea?

Peter is the owner of BATIWORK. For his upcoming construction project, he has to follow Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards, while staying on budget and on schedule.

Examples of Projects

La Sénioriale (Chapelle Thouarault)

Ivry confluence (Ivry)

La Passerelle (Pévèle Carembault)

Sócrates (Barcelone)

Palais du commerce (Rennes)

Ecotone (Arcueil)

L’Archipel (Nanterre)

Deloitte University (Bailly-Romainvilliers)

Prado (Marseille)

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With myUpcyclea,

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