Our support packages
to the deployment of myUpcyclea
in your organization

QuickStart Package

To help you integrate myUpcyclea into your processes, to identify the internal resources required for Resource Management, and to benefit from the positive impacts of circular economy: 


  • Train your Resource Manager (and his team) at myUpcyclea
  • Define your myUpcyclea usage process
  • Measure your benefits and identify the right KPIs
  • Help you to manage change


  • Duration: 3 months (renewable)
  • Availability of the client’s Resource Manager: 20% minimum


QuickStart+ Package

Objective and actions identical to those of QuickStart, but our support comes within the framework of a defined operational project (for example, a building under construction).


  • Duration: 3 months (renewable)
  • Availability of the client’s Resource Manager: 20% minimum


Delegated Resource Management

The role of Resource Manager in your organization is outsourced to Upcyclea, meaning:


  • Inventory and characterization of deposits, needs and transformers
  • Generation of circular reports
  • Creation and management of ecosystems for the valuation of used resources, negotiation with stakeholders, and traceability of resource flows
  • User and partner account management, and sharing managements


Rating of circular passports

Rating of manufacturers’ circular passports


  • The Upcyclea team of experts offers, free of charge, to publish and rate the circular passports deposited by manufacturers on myUpcyclea. For this purpose, they receive an account that they can manage independently and that will allow them to update the passports of their products, highlighting their healthy and circular characteristics.



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