Manage your buildings as « materials banks »,

and move towards carbon neutrality

while generating income rather than waste

myUpcyclea collects and centralizes data on building materials

for a circular management of your assets

myUpcyclea transforms your assets into a bank of valuable materials

Thousands of data and a unique technology

to enhance the value of your assets


Libraries of thousands of passports of healthy and circular products, of requirements in reuse and secondary raw materials, and of facilities in reuse and upcycling

Artificial Intelligence technologies to propose profitable and low-carbon ecosystems for the reuse or upcycling of used products.

Circular design indicators (non-toxicity, economic added value, …) and used resource valorisation indicators (CO2 and waste avoided, …) calculated automatically

Connectors with BIM tools to import or synchronize building data, and collaborative work functions between ecosystems partners

Immediate benefits


Reduction of the carbon footprint through the choice of low CO2 products


Resource preservation and waste reduction


Better Indoor Air Quality through Healthy Products Selection


Up to +15%

of added value

(based on the economic residual value of building’s products)

Calculate yourself the potential added value of your building with our simulator

Enter your data and move the cursors

Calcul Survaleur


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  • Added Value = residual economic value of the building components in case of reuse/recycling
  • Characterized products rate = % of products with circular passports (by mass)
  • Circular products rate = % of C2C certified products or equivalent (by mass)
  • The simulator calculates a non-contractual potential added value of the building
  • A true value is calculated by Upcyclea’s circular signature function

Calculez vous-même votre potentiel de survaleur économique en saisissant vos informations et en déplaçant les curseurs


Cumulation of circular indicators of buildings managed with myUpcyclea


m2 of healthy, circular buildings


% of non-toxic products in all buildings


% of circularity of all buildings


% of recycled/bio-sourced materials


minimum % of added value per reuse/upcycling


maximum % of added value per reuse/upcycling

Case Studies

How can I control the traceability and recycling of materials in my buildings thanks to myUpcyclea?

John is a property manager at GTS. His goal is to keep this budget balanced between the maintenance of the building and waste management, which often turns out to be an unprofitable struggle.

How to build healthy, carbon-neutral and 0-waste buildings with myUpcyclea?

Peter is the owner of BATIWORK. For his upcoming construction project, he has to follow Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards, while staying on budget and on schedule.

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Circular Buildings >> Calculate yourself the potential added value of your building with our simulator:

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