How to find value-add opportunities, generate new revenue streams

and become a leader in the tertiary market circular economy

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Upcyclea creates myUpcyclea,
the first Circular Resource Management Software

Collaborative Software

Elevate your company to our innovative AI platform and move up from costly waste management to resource management, adding value to your properties. Our software will manage your residual value and create profitable ecosystems when integrating your suppliers and customers.


Complete Management Software

Deploy the circular economy peacefully in all your activities: inventories, ecosystem creation, circular traceability, reporting and communication.


Decision Support

Using our Circular Passports, make the best choices when purchasing your products. The circular passport filled up by your suppliers according to six criteria will guide you towards the best products to match your project’s requirements:

  • CO2 footprint,
  • Non-toxicity rate
  • Circularity rate
  • Water management
  • Social responsability
  • Residual economic value


With myUpcyclea,

be part of the circular economy, take control of your carbon footprint,

manage your resources and create ecosystems

Let's make Money, instead of making Waste.

Waste management is costing you. Change your model: stop wasting your used resources and generate new revenues by valuing them within profitable ecosystems.

Let's Cooperate to preserve the Planet.

Manage, with your partners, a circular supply chain in which resources are indefinitely regenerated, via biological or technical ecosystems.

Let's have a Positive Impact on Communities.

Track the quality, proximity and effective circularity of the resources used, and promote local employment while avoiding CO2 emissions.


a software adapted to all sectors of activity

[ Real Estate & Property management ]
  • With myUpcyclea, reduce your carbon footprint, and recover, over 30 years, up to 14% of the initial construction cost of your buildings, by recovering the residual value of their used components.
[ Corporations ]
  • With myUpcyclea, you can track and control your material flows so that they no longer become waste and can be returned to the nearest manufacturers. You can thus manage your own "individual system" or deposit system to increase customer loyalty.
[ Community development ]
  • Are you looking for a methodology and a tool to train yourself and then concretely deploy the circular economy on your community? With myUpcyclea, mobilize your stakeholders, connect materials as closely as possible and become the "Resource Counter" of your community.


For them nothing is lost, everything is transformed…

Creation of a healthy and circular “materials bank” building


I selected the Upcyclea team to implement the European “C2C Bizz” project, in order to build the first building inspired by Cradle to Cradle in France. I was very interested in the concepts of circular economy but had not yet applied them to a project.

Upcyclea provided the scientific and technical expertise, thus allowing the concrete implementation of a healthy and circular building. And during this project, my vision expanded from resource management at the level of a building to that of the neighbourhood and then the community.


With myUpcyclea, the building thus becomes a healthy and circular “material bank”.
As for the community, it is no longer only a resource manager, but also a manager of the flows that cross it. The communities are able to see the volumes of materials mobilized, processed and optimized.


Jamila Bentrar
Urban renewal project manager at Métropole Européenne de Lille


Some Successful Projects…



The Ulterïa campus is an ecosystem that creates value for people and living beings. It questions value creation, sharing, ownership, post-capitalist transition, integral ecology, education, etc.


Frey / Poste Immo


This former iconic postal building in Rennes has been transformed into a place of sharing and transmission in the service of the people of Rennes.


Brittany Region


The Circular Economy with Positive Impact Program (EC+) has been supporting some twenty pilot projects since 2016: circular school or recycling, soil ecosystems, reeds or fishing nets, etc. 


Vinci Group


The archipelago (74,000 m²) has been designed as a mixed private and public space, combining office space with shops, services and facilities open to the public.


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